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Allison's Story

There are nine months between when these photos were taken. These pictures only show the physical progress but they don’t even scratch the surface of the overall progress and impact it has made throughout my life.

Even though I had spent 8 year entering my weight and diet in a tracking app and CrossFitting for seven years, it wasn't until I worked with Dana and CVN that I got the results I wanted.

Dana has guided me through it all and helped me prioritize, adjust, and supported me through everything life has thrown at me both in and out of the gym. I genuinely look forward to our calls every week; not only to find out how we are going to play with numbers and tracking to reach my fitness goals, but also because I have gained a trustworthy friend and teammate in tackling everything outside of the gym too.

Thank you, Dana! I’m so excited to keep working with you and have you with me as more progress is made and our relationship continues to grow. This is just the beginning!

Dana is the go-to nutritionist! Her recommendations have forever changed me. I have been working with her for over a year, and I can feel the difference. She is very supporting and is so easy to talk to.

S. Lichtenwalner

Sandra's Story

These pictures are four years apart. They show me at different weights and different body compositions but what they don’t show is more important.

What is not evident in the picture on the right is the almost year of working with Dana to wade through food issues, self-confidence issues, eating habits, crap that holds me back, fear of failing and succeeding.

The picture doesn’t show the growth I’ve fought for, the many books I’ve read, the journaling I’ve written, the crap I’ve faced.

But overall, the picture on the right is a product of me not worrying about how it would turn out when I smiled for the camera. Instead, I was just present, with my family, wanting to be in the proof of our fun day and not worrying about perceived flaws. There is no room for them anymore!

I reached out to Dana when working out alone wasn’t helping and despite many efforts, my PCOS acne inflammation was not getting any better. She helped me find a way to eat cleaner with my chaotic schedule and in about two months my inflammation went down and I felt great for the first time in years. Her coaching has changed my eating habits significantly. No matter how much stress you’re under or how chaotic your life may be, she can help you find solutions to address major aspects of your lifestyle to help you recover and live as healthy of a lifestyle as you can manage.

C. Perez

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